American Cars Vs Import Cars Essay

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Why do people think expensive is better quality? What’s the point of buying a car if it won’t last? Depending on the people, there are multiple different kinds of cars out there to buy. The most famous ones are American, German, and Japanese. Everyone should consider buying American cars instead of German or any import car. Japanese cars last a long time and are inexpensive. German cars are expensive to buy. They break down easily, and have too many problems with expensive parts to repair. Car buyers should buy American cars instead of German because it’s more efficient and reliable, cheaper, and more profitable to the US. Buying an American car will be efficient and reliable. For most of the part, Chevrolet will always be the best American car out there, unlike Ford, with many problems and money loss. Majority of the people already go for American because they like to have the pride of being big and American. In which this article states, ”Much of the reason for that is because foreign cars, especially cheaper japanese cars, tend to be lighter than American cars, and Americans like to feel more in their bulkier, heavier, American vehicle.” (Jeff Rendek) Although Japanese cars are also efficient and reliable, people like the look…show more content…
Compared to buying an import car where your money goes to other countries. Also, every single time you spend money on car parts and etc, more money will be going towards them. Even though most people will say if you buy an American car America will not profit from it because these cars are being made all over the world such as Asia, Europe, and Mexico, and other countries. (Jeff Rendek) “They usually have the individual parts made in foreign countries, and then import them to construct the cars in America.” (Jeff Rendek) Although, US will still profit more from you buying an American car rather than an import, doesn’t matter where the parts were

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