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In the story “American childhood” by Anne Dillard, an incident happened. It all came about because as a little girl, Anne was very curious about things. She took chance after chances, without hesitating. She did things most girls wouldn’t do like playing baseball or football. One winter day, her and a couple of guys decided to go outside and play in the snow. Since it was winter time, and it was snowing, there was neither football or baseball, so they decided to throw snowballs at passing cars. They finally hit the wrong car at a fun time. The man that was driving a Buick pulled over and came to a complete stop when the snowball hit his windshield. He jumped out of the car, and chased after them until he finally caught them. They all stood…show more content…
He didn’t care who was looking or where they were, he wasn’t gone stop until he got them. If this was to happen in a different neighborhood, people would probably come out of their houses, wondering what’s wrong. When they finally realized that it’s a grown man chasing after kids, they would come out and help. People in my old neighborhood wouldn’t even care to know why he’s chasing them, they would go to shooting only because they see a man dressed up in city clothes, chasing after children. Every Halloween, my cousins and I get together late that night and egg people houses. Well last year, we decided to go to the same neighborhood and egg houses again. Little did we know that, the people that stayed on the corner of that neighborhood was patiently waiting on us. Soon as we egged their house, they let their pit-bull out on us. He chased us, and I’m jumping on everybody cars and trash cans outside. When we left the neighborhood, the man and his sons came down the road shooting up in the air. When we were slowly approaching our destination, I told them that last year was going to be last time doing something like that because things could’ve been worse. All in all, things that could happen then without nothing happening, wouldn’t be able to be the same exact way now. I remember my mom telling me how they could go to parties and have fun without anyone ruining it. Now at every party, someone decides

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