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To start with, I think that having an assigment like this where we get a chance to reflect upon our English is a really valuable tool for all of us. Before starting American Classroom program, I alredy had some experience with academic reading and writing in Englsh. At my school, we were readind various articles, were discussing them and answering some basic questions. Moreover, sometimes we had to write essays and letters about some banal topics hovewer which werent a big of a challenge.We were also obliged to prepare different sorts of presentations both individually and in groups. The TOEFL Test structure is fully academic and all important skills shoud be presnt in order to cope with difficukties. Unfortunately, I faced many challenges during the test, which however I really intend to overcome.

To be honest, my weaknesses in reading and writing outbalance my strenghes in these skills. The first strentght that pops to my mind about reading is having a very good imagination. I 'm a visual person, and throughout the reading process the formation of different pictures,
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My first goal is to become a better and a more flexible writer. In order o achieve this I Have to familiarize myself with some advanced vocabulary and be using them quite often. Throught the years in college, I will be required to write many essats and that’s why it is essential for me to iprove. Also I have to work on my concentration and thoughts organization to be able to achieve the goal to write deeper and mpre logical essays. Moreover, My target is to improve skimming and comprehending the text since thats one of the most common and important things that i have to do at college and afterwards as well. My final goal at the end of the semester is definitely to proof myself that I have become better at English which means passing the NU TOEFL requiremnts and officially becoming a Northesren University

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