American Colonies And The Colonies

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Prior to the American Revolution, history had shown cases of tyrannical governments taking advantage of the people. In most cases these tyrannical governments were shown no mercy and many times they were overthrown. For the American Colonies and the British Government this was completely different. It was different in the way that the American Colonies had shown great dislike for the lack of representation, taxes, and its plain disrespect from its mother land. The American Colonies attempted many times to catch the attention of the King in order to prevent anymore disliking for the crown and his government. These dislikes would soon grow into tensions as the British government ignored the American Colonies solutions. When analyzing the primary documents it was clear that tensions were high in the colonies due to the unfairness they felt they were receiving from Parliament. One main importance the colonist felt was the lack of representation during the time Parliament enacted the Stamp Act. Whether Parliament had the right to tax the colonist or not wasn’t what bothered the colonist the most. It was the fact that they had no representative there to voice their opinion. And Benjamin Franklin made this clear when questioned whether “the Americans ever dispute the controlling power” (Benjamin Franklin, Testimony Against the Stamp Act) in which he replied with a no. This struck deep in many colonist hearts as they later petitioned against the king, and showed a great
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