American Colonies Disadvantages

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The United States, like many other countries, had to fight for independence from their motherland. During the early eighteenth century, many countries were facing suffer inflation by the British parliament in hope to gain more money for King George III. The main target was the colonies of the British Empire, also known as the American colonies. The American colonies consisted of mainly low poverty men, women, and children. It was the American colonies who paved the way into fighting for their freedom and independence. The fight for American independence is the most significant event in history because it helped smaller nations rebel against their mother country, the seven years ' war was over power and land from the French and England, not the colonies, our country shouldn 't have to repay the war debts for England, and the colonies deserve to have a land to call their own. In the beginning, the British colony had experienced a peaceful life under the British rule. Unlike England, the colonies are owned by a majority of low impoverished citizens or peasants that survived on selling goods to provide…show more content…
In the colonial Americans, they experience the great excitement for themselves in the event that the war enabled them to a unit and defend themselves against a country that had separate beliefs that they had. The American colonies, in the beginning, had the high belief that they were not susceptible to gaining enough power to control. An idea that was highly agreeable, the colonist, though originating from Great Britain post many disadvantages. After the war, the soil had experience tons of damage that need to be repaired. King George had set a law known as the Sugar Act to help pay for the expenses on the colonial soil. It was agreed that the colonies were a part of the war but they were as a form of reinforcement for Great Britain. It shouldn 't be there responsibility to pay for a war they had to join. In the American eyes, it could have ended in a less violent
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