American Colonies Vs New England Colonies

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government is where the people elect a representative to go and speak the people's opinion. As population grows so does the need for farming. Bacon's Rebellion shows that the government needs to listen to the people. However the southern colonies did not have many opportunities for education and not many colleges like New England Colonies had, Virginia, The Carolinas, Georgia, and Maryland were the Colonies founded by the Southern Colonists The New England Colonies were founded by the Puritans, later called Pilgrims. The Puritans were the ones to find the New England Colonies. The Puritans got that title because they were trying to purify the Anglican church. The Puritans believed that by settling in the Americas their life would be better.…show more content…
They have the best luck with farming and since it is in such great demand in Europe it is a multi-million pound industry. But the indentured servants from Britain are not coming as much because Britain has already sent the poor people out as indentured servants (unlike any of the other colonies). So the Portuguese see opportunity. They go to Africa and they find the Africans who are already being held as slaves in their own country. They pay the African tribal leaders for slaves. The leaders are happy to give slaves away for money. There are soon millions of slaves in the United States and they outnumber the whites. They are used for forced labor. They live in the worst conditions and get little to no food and the laws prohibit them as property and not human beings. They can buy their freedom but not many slaves were able to afford it. Most of them ran away to Florida where the Spanish greeted them with food, clothes and freedom. The slaves in the northern part of England's colonies did not have as hard work. They were farm-hands, dockworkers, sailors and house servants. In the south they were farm workers and they needed to harvest labor intensive crops with worse treatment and were separated from their family. They way that they transported the slaves was horrible. They would shove them in cramped ships and travel for several months on end. Then the process would repeat itself. This developed into the triangular trade. The passage that they took was called the middle passage, part of the triangular trade. The Irish-scots also started emigrating along with the Germans who were trying to escape religious persecution, war, and heavy
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