American Culture Analysis

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An analysis about American culture in the contemporary era

American culture exists by the virtue of ideas, behaviors, and products shares by all Americans.(L,Naylor. 1999). Thanks to aborigines in American Continent and the large number of migrants from all over the world, the American culture is deeply affected by native American culture, European culture and African culture, which presents the characteristics of diversity and tolerance. In terms of culture itself, it is an abstract concept that can be embodied by architecture, poems, rituals, music, arts and religions. In this essay, I will analyze reasons for culture Americanization in the contemporary era and further discuss its roles.

Looking at the the development and expansion of
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We innovate. We try new things. In decade 2 of the 21st century a lot of the significant innovations are downstream rather than upstream, surprisingly, the United States holds up well(Shaughnessy, 2011). Obviously, innovation gives great vitality to the American culture, and then derived a lot of material civilization.In the field of high technology, America is far ahead of the world average level, for instance, social media, Facebook; Internet Giant, Google, and Advanced technical brand, Apple. The fact is that Facebook has more than 1. 4 billion users, 75 percentage of whom are from outside America.That is enough to prove that the American culture has unique charming. With long term development, American enterprises have formed their own enterprises culture regarding innovation as its core. More importantly, other countries should learn from it and pay attention to culture innovation. Only through innovation that one nation will not be laid behind and obsoleted by the world…show more content…
Humans’ cultural strength has always been derived from the diversity of understanding and experience. It is important however note the negative impacts that one dominant culture bring to other weaker culture. American culture one the other hand will shock the local culture and destroy it to a certain extent, especially the local dialects and customs. To reserve the local culture, it is better to treat American culture in a clam attitude, in other words, reject the dross and assimilate the
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