Essay On American Culture

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American Culture. America is a big country, consisting of a number of cultures which explain their community belief and values that are express in its own way. It’s said that a country can be defined by its, which can be true and it’s important for America to teach the youth of America about core American values such as, freedom, individualism, achievement and success and also many more that will make them remember their culture and values. America has undergone constant change in technology development and but this development is make it hard to detect the changes in cultural values. In consumer behavior, America like to have wide choices and unique products, so that they can have a version of their own lifestyle. Criteria of the core values are the value must be pervasive where a part of America have to agree and use for their attitude and action. The value must be enduring as it must influence the American people for a…show more content…
This is where young people are stress of being old and old people are often refer as being outdated. Youthfulness and youth is different, which describe as an age group. In America, youthfulness is a state of mind or being which is shown as ‘young at spirit’ and young at heart’. Advertisement about maintaining beauty, looking young and beautiful shows that there is an urgency about fearing aging. Such as, hand creams ads, makeup ads, fragrance stated “look young forever”, look young look great” will convince consumer that looking and acting young is important for America. In Malaysia youthfulness represent the youth as they are representing the future of the country in future. Youthfulness in Malaysia is shown where they are tend to purchase a product where sales are happening and if the product are at a high price only some of the consumer will purchase. When it comes to youthfulness, young people are more likely to purchase beauty products such as hand cream, makeup and many more things that are related to
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