Ernest Hemingway's Impact On American Culture

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Part 3: How does this author and his or her novel impact the culture of America? American culture began to change during the 1920’s due to certain conditions and the uprising of new ideas. It was a time of great social change, new ideas, techniques and ways of life were modified to adjust to the depression of World War I. Numerous war veterans had experienced certain happenings in which had left them traumatized, hardened or even weakened with no one to relate to. It was not until A Farewell to Arms, written by Ernest Hemingway, had impacted American culture, and introduced new ideas and thought provoking ideas. The writer had constructed an epic novella in which provided therapy for many broken soldiers and even gave comfort to Americans all…show more content…
In the second place, Ernest Hemingway used universal themes in order for A Farewell to Arms to be considered an ageless literary work. The theme of love occurring between a man and woman if often so self absorbed that everything else is ignored, is a concept that any human can sympathize with. By and large, the theme of one falling in love and ignoring ones duties of responsibilities exhibits a universal theme that most Americans will experience in their life. This relatable theme and concept is easily something that readers can commiserate with. As mentioned before, a component in which signifies that a novel is an American classic is, is the theme relatable to the readers? Is it universal? Equally important, Hemingway uses timeless symbolism in his novel that compares the American economic depression to the loss of hope. The novel portrays the abuse of alcohol as a treatment and remedy for dejection. Often times, Americans experienced depression over the war and the tragic casualties that came along with it. Hemingway articulates his sentiment that war is simply the outcome of an already obscure and tyrannous world. He exposes the fickle nature of humanity and teaches that at times we can be harsh. However, we are also adept to compassion, honesty, and even dignity, despite society’s recurrent attempts to forget or disperse true love. In itself, these factors make the novel appear incredibly timeless, and classic. Because of the novels ability to be viewed as something readers can relate to, A Farewell to Arms promotes itself to be an American classic
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