American Culture In The Movie, Trumbo And The Cold War

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The Cold War is often seen as a dark time in American history, not just because of the international conflict, but because of the strife it caused within the United States itself. During the Cold War, the general culture in America was fearful and paranoid about the rise and spread of Communism within their society. One example of how this hysteria manifested is illustrated in the movie, Trumbo, which tells the story of when the Hollywood industry blacklisted famous writer Dalton Trumbo, along with other workers in the industry, who were connected to Communism. Dalton Trumbo and his associates faced bigotry and were effectively attacked for standing by their ideals, which was a reflection of how American culture had changed at that time. By using this film, I will be examining this incident in American history, and how it affected American society and culture, by analyzing the themes of prejudice, freedom of expression, and patriotism. The movie, Trumbo, takes place during a time in history known as the Cold War in which the "Democratic" United States and the "Communist" Soviet Union were involved in an intense rivalry over major economic and political clashes. Within American society, there was a general belief that the way of life in the United States was far superior to that of the Soviet Union, and it ended up creating a culture that reflected that. Due to the fact that the Soviets had a reputation for carrying out spy activities, a fear arose among Americans that the

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