American Culture Rape

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When the topic of rape and sexual assault comes up in conversation, many people truly feel a strong sense of empathy for the victim, yet many others criminalize the victim for how they themselves got into the assault. Why does our society continue to persecute a victim? For the only ones who should be questioning in this fashion are those investigating the crime in of itself. Rape culture has become a natural part of our society and the largest part of this “culture,” is victim blaming. Yes, there are two sides to this issue, whether to stop the victim blaming or how the victim can avoid becoming a victim in the first place, it does not matter for there needs to be a better balance for this issue. We need to stop the victim blaming and find…show more content…
American society would probably have never even considered changing their views of women without the Suffrage movement, allowing women’s voices to finally be heard as well as allowing them to vote. Still change was slow for women’s rights as it was an upward slog and fight for more common day rights. Before the 1970s rape cases were still considered more a crime against the head of household and less for the victim herself it. It was not until the feminist movement of the 1970s that allowed rape cases to be considered for what they were, a crime against the woman and not the head of…show more content…
Though at times, many of those who wish to pin the blame elsewhere would use these “tips” to abuse the victims. Though I am getting ahead of myself, what exactly is victim precipitation against rape? Victim precipitation is, as VanRyne states, “blaming a victim for his or her own victimization… the victim’s actions, decisions, locations, word exchanges, etc., led the victim to his or her victimization.” With this in mind it explains why so many rape prevention tips focus on how the woman could have avoided being raped. Some example has included: what she was wearing, what time of day it was, and/or was she inebriated by drugs, just to name a
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