American Culture Research Paper

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What is the American Culture, and how is it influenced by its government? There are many things that play an important role in defining what American culture is. The following is a list of characteristics that define the American culture, and of the government that influences it; families political party, local and state government of where they live, race, if they are a man or a woman, history of their town, their heritage, things of how their ancestors, who immigrated to the United States, lived in the United States, and the products from different parts of the world; that are brought into the United States to be sold to the people who are residence of the U.S. American culture is simple, yet very complex. Some might think that this statement is a paradox, (a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true). American culture is simple because it is one nation, where the culture…show more content…
There are a few different things that the government does, that can answer this question. Here is an example; International Trade, this allows for different cultures to not only sell their products to the American people, but to also give the American culture different aspects of foreign cultures. The government influences international trade by enacting rules on how and what other nations bring to the United States, to introduce to the marketplace. The government can also put restrictions on the importation of products from certain nations, that the government does not allow their products to be sold to the American people. What is the American culture? How does the government influence the culture? The American culture is defined by these characteristics; life, unalienable rights, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, liberty, patriotism, political parties, race, gender, and many other things. The government influences this culture by choosing what is imported into the
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