American Culture Vs Medieval Period

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The world is always revolutionizing culturally and historically. For example, literature and technologies continue to improve while the human body constantly changes both physically and mentally each day. Literature is created by and about many people, events, and ideas. It is important to understand that literature can be perceived through many forms and by many authors. But to understand a piece of literature, one must also understand what era it was written in and why this era made a huge contribution towards the overall piece of literature. By reading this essay, one can see and comprehend the tremendous difference between the two eras, the Medieval Era and the Renaissance Period, just by looking at their style, historical and cultural context, and aesthetic characteristics.
To begin with, the Medieval Era, also referenced as The Middle Ages, was a period between the 5th and 15th century where the culture and art was nothing but simple, according to Singh. The people were devout and many stories, such as Beowulf, were vocally passed on from person to person until, finally, being officially published since no printers were …show more content…

For the Medieval Era, most pieces were recognized as being less intellectual but culturally valuable. Many fundamental ideas of western culture developed in this middle period as stated by Saylor Academy. On the behalf of the Renaissance period, most pieces were written on a sense of personality and realism. From a historical point of view, during this time, there were many traumatic situations that caused individuals to become traumatized for life, like the Black Death during the mid-1300s. On the other hand, this time period culturally strived in literature as many pieces were designed based on human ideas and their ability to

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