American Curl Research Paper

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American Curl:
The American Curl with their blustering head adornments, which are designed by a legendary hat designer and with their beautiful plumed tails which are reminiscent of luxurious ostrich boa, has the audience in veneration globally. Distinguished through truly distinctive ears which curl back in an elegant arc, offering a brisk, happily, perky, surprised expressions, that caused a big smile on the faces. These curls are exclusively designed by the Mother Nature and are similar to those of Lynx with long tufts winnowing outwards, accentuating the swept-back appearance while complementing the overall fashionable elegance, sophistication and dynamic presence.
It is one of the most youthful cat breeds, American Curl mutation
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Although it is not hugely structural feline, however, they do possess a somewhat muscular body. Furthermore, despite their body configuration, they are not categorized as delicate cats.
Face Shape:
The American Curl has a wedged shaped head, with walnut like eyes. However, their unusual feature is their curve ears, with a graceful arc of 90 degrees. Moreover, the natural fur of their ears is evident also the tips of their ears are so flexible that you can play with them without their mourning.
The texture of the American Curl’s coat is silky and soft whether its hairs are long or short. The shades of the skin show exotic color shades as silver patched, Lilac Lynx, chocolate tortoiseshell.
Personality Traits:
The American Curl is notably known for its warm personality, in a friendly way and grunted behavior with the people. Usually, the cats do not relish the children enormously, but this is not the case with the American Curl, as she adores children.
Furthermore, because it has a legacy background from that of Shorthair, it is very Active, smart and curious feline. Moreover, they are frequently referred as the “Peter Pan of the feline world, as even in their adulthood they tend to behave like
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