American Dad Rhetorical Analysis

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American Dad is one comedy tv show that mocks American society, but also portrays it very well. The cartoon show is based in a fictional town and makes every episode a huge dilemma with the family. The mother in the show, Francine Smith, is the house wife and a stay at home mom. The father, Stan Smith, is a CIA agent and the “hard working” father of the family. Their daughter, Hayley Smith, is a slacker in school and a drug user. The favorited child, Steve Smith, is the hard working son who also gets distracted by video games. He has also shown to be the nerd in the school, and gets picked on constantly. The family owns a talking fish named Klaus Heissler, who was a CIA project. Klaus often projects the modern day sarcastic child. Last, the family also owns another CIA project, Roger. Roger is an alien who crashed on earth and the family has to take care of him. Roger often portrays the dramatic and confused child in the family, although he is not a child.…show more content…
The parents in the beginning argue over Steve, and how they want their kid to be raised. Most modern American families want their children to be raised a certain way, and sometimes those ways clash between parents. The mother wants Steve to be a clean, well spoken child, but she also lets him do whatever he wants. She thinks free will as a child will let him find his own path. The fathers idea of raising a child is different. Stan treats Steve like he is in the army. Stan sends him to army camp and sees how well he develops
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