American Declaration Of Independence Analysis

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The American Declaration of Independence was drafted in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson and proclaimed, when the American Revolutionary War had already started a year ago in 1775. The Vietnamese Declaration of Independence was written by Ho Chi Minh in 1945 and announced to the public in Ba Dinh Square , after which a period of struggle occurred between the Vietminh and the French forces. I would like to put forth my argument that both primary sources showed that the two independent movements were responses to the unfair treatment and policies imposed on the colonies by their colonial masters, thereby culminating in a declaration of ambition, desire and action, to form and preserve their new independent regimes. Both sources broadcasted the misdeeds and mistakes, which the colonial masters had committed against the colonists, to the world. The American Declaration provided a long list of grievances the colonists had against the British government, which amounted to over 60 percent of the document. The Vietnamese…show more content…
Ho Chi Minh declared on behalf of his countrymen that they were willing to give up ‘their lives and property’ to achieve and preserve their autonomy. Likewise, the Americans had sworn to pledge their lives, fortune and honour to support the declaration for independence. It is worth noting that the justification for both declarations of independence were headed by the basic rights of all people. Ho Chi Minh even used the famous preamble from the American Declaration as the heading for his country’s declaration Both sources are different in terms of the number of countries they wanted to highlight specifically. The America Declaration piled blame on Great Britain for their suffering. Vietnam’s declaration of independence mentioned both Japan and USA although it was largely directed towards
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