American Democracy Definition

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The United States Constitution is a undemocratic plan for the government. Democracy means the citizens of the country will elect a leader who will be responsible their country and must be capable for their politics. The democracy government has few major element which makes up the government. The government must include equal representation for all citizens. In democracy, it is a key principle to protect citizens rights. According to democracy, all citizens must be equal under the law, which indicates that there must be no discrimination against any race, gender, religion, or ethnicity. The citizens must have the basic humans rights and be allowed to participate in public life. Citizens has absolute right to voice their opinion and express…show more content…
The word “woman” has never been mentioned once. Definition of Democracy is treating all the citizens equally and giving them equal representation in society. Democracy government is based on the citizens opinions, the government gets majority of the power from the citizens. The citizens is allowed to participates or get involved with the policies which helps the government make fair decision for the public 's. It can not be considered a fair law when only half of the population gets to decide what is best for them. The government is running under what all the males wants. The woman had nothing to do with the politics which makes them unless. The womans opinions are never being contributed to the society. Democracy is all for granting citizens equal power and fair chance on deciding what the citizens desires. The government wants everyone to have equal power which makes the democracy stronger when everyone gets to have their voice heard in the government. The Constitution says that all the citizens are treated equally but the rules and regulation says they 're wrong. In the Constitution “The citizens of each States shall be entitled to all privileges.” (Article IV, Section 2.1 of the Constitution). The Constitution explains that all citizens are authorized to all benefits. The Constitution is wrong because there is nothing about the woman 's rights which clearly declares that Constitution is giving power to only few…show more content…
The definition of democracy describes how citizens of the country have right to choose their capable leader. The citizens distinctly does not have the power to choose the president because of the electoral college. The electoral college is unfair and not democratic. Electoral college is basically like winner takes all the vote. This means that each states have certain amount of electoral votes and citizens votes their chosen leader, but who ever gets the most electoral votes, take all the electoral votes and becomes the president. The popular vote are voted by the citizens, the when the electoral college takes all the votes which means the citizens vote does not count. It creates complication because the Constitution says all the citizens have every rights to choose their leader but in reality, their votes doesn 't really matter since the electoral college votes are one that are counted towards the election. In Article II “ The President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of electors appointed; … person having the greatest number of votes of the electors shall be the Vice President.” (Article II, Section 2.2 of the Constitution). The electors choose both the President and the Vice President, and the electors gets chosen by the state legislature. The states gets to how many electoral votes by the number of Senators and the House of Representatives. The Constitution has never mention
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