American Dream And Freedom

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The American dream is an ideal goal that many believe is not achievable. In the eyes of most the definition of the American dream is vague; to have ample amounts of money, an expensive home or car? The American dream is having the chance to achieve aspirations and be to be happy. Furthermore, freedom is the basis of the American dream. Having the capability of making decisions and purusing life goals. Foreigners view America as a gateway into a new life, a chance to start over. Millions of Americans have achieved the American dream, but they are unaware of it. Americans are blinded by the issues within America, that they forget how fortunate they are. America does provide access to the American dream, when the dream is defined as freedom and…show more content…
Americans no longer believe that they have freedom. Therefore, there is a negative connotation the goes along with it. People risk their lives everyday to ensure freedom for every citizen in the United States, yet they still complain. The authors within this essay summarize the idea of freedom, “When we face decisions involving alternatives we see as negatives, we feel so little freedom that we twist and turn searching for another choice with some positive characteristics” (Jellison and Harvey 49). Freedom allows for opportunity, happiness, security, and to have an opinion. Freedom has been limited, due to people who abuse the rights given. Notably, America is doing the best to provide an equal opportunity for all. There is always decisions: though they may not feel positive, they are…show more content…
The new found connotation of America is negative. People need to open their eyes to realize that the American Dream is right underneath them. In this case Langston Hughes writes: Let America be America again.
Let it be the dream it used to be.
Let it be the pioneer on the plain.
Seeking a home where he himself is free. (1-5)
The land where people spend their lifetime trying to become a U.S. citizen, let it again be recognized as America the great. When people envision America, it is the land of freedom, where speaking your opinion will not lead to execution. Neil Diamond wrote the influential song that welcomed people to America:
To a new and a shiny place
Make our bed and we 'll say our grace
Freedom 's light burning warm
Freedom 's light burning warm
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