American Dream And Immigration

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American Dream and Immigration
Immigration has been a sensitive topic and is one of the domestic issues in the United States for the past few years. “Which is ironic, given that this country was founded upon and built by immigrants” (Edward Hudgins). Millions of immigrants have proceeded to advance to the United States with the goal in mind of achieving their American Dream. The American Dream has a different significance for each person, but it’s all tied to the same idea that it’s people’s aspiration in life. In which people from various countries come to the United States to gain prosperity and a stable place in life. The immigrants do not have a simplistic journey reaching America, nevertheless facing the problems and difficulties is better than staying in their home country. Countless immigrants have strived for their place they should be allowed to live in a nation where they have contributed and worked hard on. The American dream and the immigrant experience is connected. The hard work of achieving the American dream is where the immigrant’s experience comes from.
One program called DACA has helped immigrants, it has granted them a work permit and a legal status to be able to stay in this country and avoid the risk of getting deported. Many of them have lived or have been born in this country and wants to contribute and continue to make it their home when talking about this program. Trump is undecided about what he is going to do with DACA, but during his election
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