American Dream Autobiography

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I grew up as a poor immigrant child from Italy. I grew up into an American Dream from a immigrant into an all American, New York Yankee all star center fielder Background info: I was born on November 25, 1914, in Martinez, California. I grew up as a poor Italian immigrant with 8 other siblings. When I was one my parents moved to north beach, San Francisco for a better life. I used baseball as a getaway from fishing with my father. I had my first baseball experience when I was ten. Event #1: In 1932, he got to play on the San Francisco seals, a minor league team that existed from 1902 till 1957, for the last few games. Then in 1933 he won a place on to the roster with batting a .340 and 28 home runs with a 61 game hit streak. Event #2:…show more content…
I was sold to the Yankees in 1936 for $25,000 and five other players. Event #3: In my first year of the major leagues i went to the World Series and won. Then I went to four back to back championships and won an mvp in my fourth season. Event #4 In my 1941 season I earned my second m.v.p after having a great hitting streak. My first m.v.p was in 1939 after my third season in the major league. Event #5 In your 1941 season I had a hitting streak of 56 consecutive games. My hitting streak was the greatest hitting streak of my time and still today. No one has beat my record and not even the great bambino set a better hitting streak than me. Event #6 I went to 7 all star games back to back. I played as right field in the all star games of 1936, 1937, and 1938. Then I played as center fielder in the all star games of 1939, 1940, 1941, and 1942. Event #7 In my 1941 season I went up to bat 541 times with 193 hits, and 122 runs. I only struck out 13 times out 541 times to bat. And in that season I got 30 home runs. Event
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