American Dream Changes

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The American Dream may be a family or fast cars and fame, but for others it can mean so much more. However, the American Dream is very tough to understand, it’s always changing and evolving with culture. When people amongst all kinds are united by differences finding common ground we are able to recognize the impact of cultural ideals in the American Dream. Additionally, allowing generations to show patriotism for their country supported by the ideals within the American Dream. The American Dream is still developing and transforming in a way. Even so, such as in the Ronald Reagan speech, it states “Once you began a great movement, there’s no telling where you’ll end. We meant to change a nation, and instead, we changed the world”. This quote suggests that there have been various changes and challenges within a person’s life or dream. In fact, an evolution has been rediscovered, we are to emerge or drive ourselves to continue to cause tremendous change. The Obama speech states, “It’s a change I’ve been fighting for. Because those dreams - American dreams - are worth fighting for.” This quote acknowledges the importance of the changes in the American Dream. This encourages a transformation in the way the American Dream is portrayed. These different dreams have passed through history, forever changing our grasp…show more content…
This is portrayed in the Obama speech, “Believing in things unseen; believing in what this country might be; standing up for that belief and fighting when it 's hard.” People of all diversities unite for a common ideal shared within the American Dream. However, in the Ronald Reagan speech, “Countries across the globe are turning away from the ideologies of the past.” The quote says countries across the globe, this includes a wide variety of differences. Suggesting they are turning away from a common ideal or past
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