American Dream Research Paper

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The American dream, I think that USA equality, freedom, democracy. On the other hand means it is a belief that as long as the American after a hard struggle will be able to obtain the ideal of a better life, it means people must through their own hard work, courage, creativity and determination to move towards prosperity, rather than relying on a particular social class and other assistance. This word usually represent the economic success or entrepreneurship.
For the realization of America dream still existing many difficulties, Equality of opportunity has always been the core value USA advocated. In the fifty years of the last century later, one of the most important American achieved success is the realization of the citizen equality of
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Such as it is because of the large number of middle and upper class families often more important to the training of their children, this also increased the formation of unequal opportunity. Low income parents couldn't spend as much money to let children music lessons, to travel or to participate in the summer camp activities to enrich children's knowledge, broaden their horizons. They also because their education levels difficult to counseling children or help their children to complete homework. Not only that, they rarely teach children how to regulate their own behavior or who set goals. Of course, they're also less likely to give children a lot of encouragement and hope to stimulate their children to study and work in the potential to achieve more, this is a society Unequal.
In conclusion, "USA dream" is to achieve through hard work, so the real USA dream source does not exist, equality is everyone wants to pursue, but not everyone can get, several factors like American dream initial: America offers everyone the chance of success; success depends on their own talents and efforts, rather than family background and the background; all have equal rights; everyone has the freedom of
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