American Dream Factory Character Analysis

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Summary: The episode I chose to analyze is “American Dream Factory” which is a particular episode of a popular comedy television show known as “American Dad.” In this episode the main character's name is Stan who is a part of the white middle upper class. Who works a governmental job at the central intelligence agency. Stan has a daughter named Hayley who is a middle class ultra liberal, causing her to fall towards believing in what's truly right. Stan’s wife also has a role in this episode, she is a white housewife. Another character of this episode is Paco, who is a Mexican a part of the lower class. Paco’s family also introduced in this episode are also Mexican and a part of a working class. 2
In this episode Stan goes home to find Paco
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Later Paco shows Stan that he’s a valuable at sewing. Stan at that moment recognized a way to hire workers, and proceeded to hire Paco, and charge him less than minimum wage, which was round two dollars. Stan finds out his teddy bears were a hit, and he began to hire Paco’s whole family to fulfill the demand for the fourth of July. paying them the same two dollars and with waa beverage known as Mr. Pibb. Francine, Stan’s wife later takes advantage of the workers having them perform house chores so Francine can relax. Meanwhile, Stan notices a disruption in the production of the teddy bears, in which is caused by distractions. Stan proceeds to tell Paco to break up with Hayley so he can work harder. The actions of Stan’s caused Hayley to call the immigration services on Stan’s business creating an investigation. Suddenly the workers would move to a warehouse to finish the order, but all of a sudden are caught. Stan is formerly forced to convince the Immigration services that they are a part of his son's band that's performing at his concert. They allow them to perform at that concert, and immediately be deported after. When the workers perform in the concert Stan creates a distraction with the teddy bears and were able to smuggle them, and take them to safety to live their dream as an
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