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The American Dream The American dream consist of the chance of opportunity. Many people move to America because the chances they have in succeeding are higher in America than in the places the people voyage from. Many people come from countries with communism and poor economies. People came to America because the California Gold rush to have an opportunity to create a sufficient lifestyle. The American dream grew on the opportunity, in other countries, small groups have all the wealth and power which gives the lower classes no to a small chance of opportunity. America is one of the few places where diversity is good if within the law, all are welcome to live the life they dreamed of and become the success they strive for. Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are the elements that create the American dream. The American dream is striving for the life that…show more content…
the idea that we can achieve them and by achieving those goals, in the life we live to make America better as a whole and individual lives better (most likely the individual striving for their dreams). Freedom to collect money and using it for needs and wants, the freedom to live a life seen as lofty in someone’s own eyes, and the freedom to have one’s own system beliefs, even if those beliefs are not popularly corresponded with or highly accepted. Ownership of a home is usually seen as one examples of succeeding in the American dream. Owning a home is a symbol of having success financially and having independence, it means having the freedom to control one’s property and life choices instead of having to conform to the requirements of a landlord or parental figure. Owning a business and not working for someone because someone is their own boss also is represented as a fulfilment of the American
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