American Dream In Dance In The Dark

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Living the “American Dream” through the perspective of a Czech immigrant Many people around the world travel to the United States wanting to live a utopian life known as the American Dream. With the idea of having an equal opportunity to achieve success, these people get hit with reality and realize that the American Dream is a hoax. The only way to escape this harsh reality, even for a brief moment, is through the sound and ‘human touch’ feeling that music and entertainment brings. There are two worlds within a musical: a ‘real’ world where we experience the difficulty of reality and a ‘utopian’ world which we escape that reality through songs and dances. A utopic world is one that contains no suffering, poverty, racial, sexual, and class struggles, and where everyone lives happily. Entertainment represents a utopic world and ‘something better’ for us to escape into that our everyday lives do not provide. Richard Dyer argues in his article, Entertainment and Utopia, that movie musicals and entertainment provide utopian solutions to real social problems which does not always succeed.
Dancer in the Dark (2000), directed by Lars von Trier, is a Danish musical film that expresses Richard Dyer’s view on musicals and how it provides a utopian world for the characters to escape to from reality. This musical takes place in Washington state 1964 and is about a Czech immigrant named Selma who moved to the United States wanting to live the American Dream as manipulatively portrayed

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