American Dream In The Great Gatsby And The Social Network

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The american dream is a goal that can be reached with determination and many decisions along the way. This isn’t something that can be reached overnight, but if you’re dedicated enough you might be able to come close to your dream faster than others. There are many similarities between the characters in The Great Gatsby and The Social Network in order to meet their idea of the american dream such as Sean Parker compared to Meyer Wolfsheim, Mark Zuckerberg compared to Gatsby, and Sean Parker compared to Gatsby. Although the ending of the Social Network ends nothing like the Great Gatsby, the characters’ similarities show how similar the American Dream was in the 1920’s to today. Sean Parker and Meyerwolsheim’s similarities are that they are both mentors to the main characters and helped them get to where they are today. In the movie, Sean Parker says to Mark Zuckerberg, “You…show more content…
After studying the characters more, Sean Parker and Gatsby surprisingly have similarities in the book and the movie. Meyer Wolfsheim tells us about Gatsby that, “He went to Oggsford College in England…” “It’s one of the most famous colleges in the world” (page #). In the book it was hard to tell whether or not things were true or false due to all of the lies people had made up about Gatsby, but this one was in fact true. Gatsby had gone to Oggsford, but he had not finished. He had the opportunity of creating a big life for himself on his own, but he never took it. This is similar to Sean Parker in the Social Network because he had went to Harvard, but also did not finish. (Find example in movie scene). This shows that neither of the characters valued education, and were somehow brought up and ended up making a lot of money. Their american dream came to them at the time, and didn’t have to work much for until they realized it wasn’t enough and had to try for what they really wanted, which for Gatsby was to have Daisy, and for Parker to have a big website and to be known along with
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