American Dream In The Great Gatsby And Two Kinds

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The key to success is working hard to reach the goal. The workmanship and struggle for success can be called the American Dream. The idea of an American Dream has existed for a long time. The proof is its being a hidden theme for many American Literature stories. In Two Kinds by Amy Tan, there is an underlying theme of the American Dreams and there are different types of an American Dream .That is why the story should be included in the text books for the high school students to read. In most literature books there are many American Dream stories, but none of them have a modern theme that is even close to Two Kinds. Thus the story should be included in the textbook for students to read. In both The Great Gatsby and Two Kinds, characters sacrificed…show more content…
The wish is for them to have a gracious life because they are not always going to be there for them. That is why they make sure they grow up properly until they are satisfied. Usually parents do not care if they are successful or famous. All they want is the best for their children’s future. “We have nothing against successful careers or wealth or fame, but far more of us believe that the American Dream is about giving our kids a better life.” (Vanity Fair) Jing-mei’s mother is always bossing her around to make sure that she will have a good future. It is not just the children who have weights on their backs, it is also the parents. “It’s about giving your kids a better life-- as if parenting didn’t come with enough pressures already.” (Vanity Fair) Jing-mei’s mother has a lot of pressure on her because she does not want to be embarrassed by other parents who are better at parenting than she is. She is always trying to make sure her daughter is better than the other kids. The American Dream does not exist in the present anymore, thus all of the American Dream should be from past time periods. The American Dream is not dead, it still exist today. But it is seen differently than the ones people usually read in the books. The American Dream exist in many different format and can be interpreted in many ways. Two Kinds deals with an immigrant parent who wants the best for her daughter. In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby’s American Dream was to be rich and have the love of his life. The American Dream can all be different they do not all have to be the
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