American Dream Persuasive Tobak Essay

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The American dream has been argued to have changed drastically over time, and even completely dissolved. Without something to believe in and strive for, living is pointless. For years the American dream has given people a goal that they wish to meet one day; but of late people have shown little to no interest in the American dream. The lack of hope in the dream has caused lessened motivation for a quality life, and promoted a way of mediocre living. I argue that media is the root of the change, along with politics. The American dream should be restored to its former glory. Politicians are using the American dream as a ploy to get votes by promising us they’re something to believe in, and that they can make America great again. Donald…show more content…
America has become lazy. The American dream is meant to encourage a strong work ethic and a sense of self helping. Now, people want the government to give them money for doing nothing; where is the motivation to work? People should be motivated to create a better life for their families and themselves; but rather, they’re content to live an average life. Steve Tobak from Fox Buisness strongly enforces his thoughts on what America has become in his article “Political Correctness is Destroying the American Dream”, “If people believe it makes no difference how they perform- that everyone’s the same, competition is bad, everyone’s a winner, and exceptional qualities will not be rewarded or even recognized- they’re left with nothing to strive for. Stripped of the will to achieve, they’ll settle into a life of dependency and mediocrity.”. Steve also says, “So we can all agree that political correctness levels the playing field, removes incentives to excel, and diminishes meritocracy and personal accountability.”. Tobak believes that there is no longer any purpose behind people and their actions. We are all mindlessly living. The American dreams lack of presence is
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