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Shaylynn Knox Block 1 January 1, 2016 The American Dream: Is it still alive? The American Dream has been talked about by many and for decades and many more to come. Is The American Dream still alive? How would people react to this worldwide phenomenon? The American Dream is still alive. What has been happening over the past years has obviously shown that each of the presidents before and including Barack Obama has made an impact on America to believe that the dream is still there. My definition of The American Dream is that there are many problems across the Uunited Sstates, but that doesn’t keep the american dream from being any less of real and true. You have less fortunate ones that don’t have the luxurys that we do now and their American Dream is to be able to come to America and have more opportunities. The american Dream doesn’t go on how much you have or if you 're the most popular or the most wealthy it goes for how you feel and what you would do for yourself, family, and your country.. A quote by a man named Daniel J. Mitchell saidsaying.. “If we can restrain the size and scope of government, there’s every reason to believe that the American Dream will be…show more content…
One the other hand The American Dream is not completely accurate. The American Dream is dead and good riddance is what some people say. The plaguing of the american dream, notably home ownership, educating two children, as well as owning a good car. But for some that isn’t even what the dream involves. The more tradition of the american dream is marriage, But a lot of these people are living their own version of the dream. But over the years the definition of the american dream to others has become forgotten. Maybe now that the american dream we all have know long about is now out of what financial reach for an increasing number of Americans, but that will most likely take the reflection of what the american dream really means to them personally, and maybe for what our country is in the 21st
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