American Education In The 1800s Essay

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In the 1800s America changed in many different areas. The education system improved vastly after having schools with poor education that teach little and schools that make it hard for the poor to go to. American art changed greatly when America developed their own style and many books were written that are famous today like Moby-Dick. A change in women’s rights occurred with many changes that pushed equality at the time. In America the need for a change in education was great. American schools were set up for religious purposes commonly only teaching to read and understand the Bible. Many states did not require public schools, Massachusetts being the only one in the early 1800s. In most states one had to be rich to get a good education where if one was poor there was no education outside of their homes causing many to not know how to read and write. Horace Mann took control of the education reform stating, “if we do not prepare children to become good citizens; if we do not develop their capacities, if we do not enrich their minds with knowledge . . . then our republic must go down to destruction as others have gone before it,”(418). After Mann became part of senate he began improving public schools. He made colleges to teach teachers and raised their…show more content…
Women did not have many rights in the 19th century. They could not vote, serve on juries, if married could not keep wages or own property, and women could not get a good education. At a convention when two women tried to join a meeting they could not have a role in the proceeding. Later she made a convention that over 300 men and women showed up to. Then Stanton wrote the Declaration of Sediments that showed the rights they wanted. Soon women’s suffrage was supported. Many schools emphasized education for boy’s. Reformers worked to make schools for girls and succeeded with Troy Female Seminary and many other new schools. Women also gained new
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