American Education System

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Throughout the years, American education has evolved like most things through the centuries. Many Americans are asking “What’s next?” In order to know the exact answer to this, we will look at many important factors that have to do with creating a better educational system. As we look back, we can observe that education has changed tremendously. For example, education was only offered towards upper-class children and now education is offered to everyone. The American educational system is said to be doing very poorly. We can improve schools by looking in the past, observing present educational systems, and learning how to be more effective in the future. In order to create a better educational system, we will first have to observe where we …show more content…

US education has been ranked very low compared to other countries. We are ranked 17th in Science and Math and 21st in Reading. According to PISA, Massachusetts is the state with the highest achievements. By comparison, 55% of Shanghai, China students have scored in the highest level while America is at 9%. Part of China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and Liechtenstein are the countries that are ranked the highest . The US is also ranked 5th in spending the most on every student ($115,000 per student). Taxpayers must pay billions of dollars each year in order to fund the government for US educational programs. This shows that our system is not very effective from the amount of money spent and the loss of academic …show more content…

Since our education is evolving as we speak it’s nice to see where we have come from. Now, everyone in any diverse groups are able to have a full education, in comparison to the Colonial Age where only wealthy boys were allowed to have an education at that time. The American educational system is not as effective as other countries and that is one of the biggest factors that we have to observe. In the educational field, many people with different jobs have their take on this certain subject. There are a lot factors in making a better system and incorporating them will make it even more effective. In order to make a more effective educational system for America we will have to look back in the past, look at what we have now and observe the problems, and see how effective and how manageable the system will

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