Case Study Of American Express's Dilemma

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The dilemma facing American Express is an example of the tough decisions involving ethics and social responsibility that managers face (Solomon, Marshall, & Stuart, 2012). Unfortunantely, no matter what is decided, someone will be unhappy with the outcome of the situation. I read that usually managers don’t have the luxury of choosing solutions that are obviosly desirable to everyone involved. According to (Elsenmann, 2008), solutions to ethics and social responsibility problems aren’t optimal. Often the managers must be satisfied with a solution that just makes do or does the least harm. References: 1) Eisenmann, T. R. (2008). Managing proprietary and shared platforms. California Management Review, 50(4), 31-53. 2) Solomon, M., Marshall,…show more content…
It also explains the market strategy of American Express. American Express has a wide diversity of products (File & Prince,1998). Their cards have a huge range. American makes sure that their customers are satisfied in every way. These strategies are based on the product in the marketing mix with American Express (Varadarajan & Menon, 1998). They offer both international and national card services for the customers. Customers have the option of purchasing gift cards, travel insurance, financial services, and many more (Hua Lu,Madu, Kuei, & Winokur, 1994). The company also provides financing for their customers. This is one of the main financing services that the offer to their clients. With offering their great product they seem to take to take great care of their clients in helping with managing their clients assets. American Express makes sure that their prices are worth the services they provide. Although the prices are a tad bit high, American Express makes its services to satisfy their customers. I read that there is no demographic barrier for the place of American Express. They are based world wide. You can pretty much get their services all over the world. The promotion of American Express is they make sure that their services are trustworthy and secure while providing services. They also make sure that they create personalized experience with their…show more content…
Deciding on a marketing communications strategy is one of the primary roles of the marketing manager and the process that involves key decisions about who the customer is, how to contact them, and what messages should be communicated (Samu, Krishnan & Smith, 1999). These 4 questions can be answered by using the stage process for successful promotion. Segmentation, targeting, positioning, and messaging (Douglas & Wind, 1987). With this stage process American Express should be more successful within the promotional advertisements. I think that messages would be sent out professionally and successfully to the customers. References: 1)Samu, S., Krishnan, H. S., & Smith, R. E. (1999). Using advertising alliances for new product introduction: interactions between product complementarity and promotional strategies. The Journal of Marketing, 57-74. 2) Smith, W. R. (1956). Product differentiation and market segmentation as alternative marketing strategies. Journal of marketing, 21(1), 3-8. 3) Douglas, S. P., & Wind, Y. (1987). The myth of globalization. Columbia Journal of World Business, 22(4),

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