American Family Structure

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Throughout the course of history, the U.S society has changed dramatically due to numerous historical and cultural events, which have significantly impacted as well as shaped our present. As a basic unit in society, family plays a crucial role in one’s life. It is therefore important to understand the structure of a family and how it has changed over time. In the book of The American Family, Peterson del Mar (2011) discusses the U.S family history by elaborating numerous historical events, with a focus on addressing the movement of “obligation to freedom”. While family structures in the U.S. have changed over time, the history of U.S. family can also be understood from various perspectives since the U.S. society has become more and more diverse.…show more content…
Because of the nature of the society, men were expected to be good at hunting and women were expected to take good care of domestic affairs at home. According to the work of Domestical Duties (Gouge, 1622), each member in the family should fulfill specific gender role and satisfy his or her obligations in order to support other family members. Since men were mostly carry out the responsibility of seeking food and providing materials for survival, the husband/father tended to play a dominate role in the family, who was also considered as the main breadwinner in the family. Indeed, patriarchy tended to be the mainstream during that period, and in turn, results in…show more content…
In fact, many films portray that gender norms with U.S families had changed, and women’s status was significantly higher compared to what they had been in the past, and an example would be the film of “Why Change Your Wife?” (1920). As the film portrayed, the heroin was able to pursuit what she wanted after getting to divorce with her husband while divorce wasn’t common at that time. Furthermore,
Indeed, the change of hierarchy within a family is not only about the relationship between couples, but it is also about relationship between parents and children. Parents are always expected to take good care of their children. In contrast to what it had been during 19th century, more and more parents value education for their daughters currently, thus, increase in educational attainment for girls results in the increase in their overall socioeconomic

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