American Flag Importance

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Virginia Foxx once said, “The American flag is the most recognized symbol of freedom and democracy in the world.” Americans should know that they live in the greatest countries known to man. People should not take the freedoms for granted and disrespect the American flag. The American flag should be protected against desecration because it is a symbol of freedom, the military uses the flag to honor those who fought for our country, and it represents historical achievements in American history. For a start, the American flag is a symbol of freedom. Justin Jackson is the man who actually highlighted the importance of freedom of expression under the first amendment. This amendment gives the American people the freedom of speech, religion,…show more content…
The American flag is revered in the armed forces. Soldiers going into harm’s way that have worn, and continue to wear, the American flag on their uniforms. This shows that the soldiers have respect and they are proud to be an American citizen. Being in the service and fighting for what one believes in is amazing. They sacrifice their lives everyday for us, in order to protect and keep our nation safe. The military drapes the American flag over the caskets of its honored dead and presents the family with the flag as a token of appreciation from a grateful nation. The American flag represents historical achievements in America’s…show more content…
One event would be after the horrible tragedy of September, 11, 2001. Patriotism flourished in America, as flags were shown everywhere. Thousands of lives were taken in a blink of an eye. The flag was shown as an honor of love and support; it showed that America was not broken. However, the best-known moment in history was when the Marines raised the American flag over Mount Suribachi on the pacific island of Iwo Jima during World War II. They did this because no other country can compare to ours. Then, our national anthem and the star spangled banner were inspired by the sight of the American flag flying over Fort McHenry the morning after 1814 British bombardment. The national anthem and star spangled banner should always be emphasized each day in one's life. Even though there are a lot more events that could be mentioned, these ones are the most
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