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What does the American flag represent? The flag represents the country, and what the american people stand for. What is the origin of the flag, what does it symbolize, what are the rules and codes of the flag, what are the parts of the flag, and how has it changed over the years? It is a symbol of hope, and of perseverance.

According to the website US flag, the flag can never be used as part of an athletic uniform or costume. The only exception is the flag patch which is used by military personnel, fireman, and policeman. If placed over a casket, the union should be placed over the head and left shoulder of the casket. But the flag cannot be lowered into the grave too. The flag should never have any type of drawing or design not originally
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January 13, 1794, the flag was changed to have 15 stars and 15 stripes, and was changed to have the stars in a circular pattern. April 4, 1818, the flag was redesigned to have 13 stripes, and a star for every state in the union. June 24, 1912, President Taft ordered that there would be 6 horizontal rows of eight stars each, with a single point of each star to point upward. January 3, 1954, President Eisenhower changed the arrangement of stars to have 7 rows with seven stars for each row. August 21, 1954 Eisenhower changed the arrangement of the stars to nine rows horizontal, and eleven rows vertical. There have been over 62 versions of the flags. After the 50th state entered the United States, the flag has not been changed or altered in any way…show more content…
People started to believe the rumor because she had designed and made flags for the United States navy. There is no evidence of congress or Washington asking Betsy Ross to create the flag. It 's real origin is that Francis Hopkinson designed the flag, but he was never payed for creating it. It was nationally adopted on July 14, 1777, and the army received the flag in 1783. It was nicknamed old glory by Captain William Driver before he left on a voyage. Stripes were decided to be part of the flag after Captain Abraham came up with the idea in 1775.

According to the book Flags, pages 38, 39, 42, and 43, written by Lauren Diemer the flag has many symbols, and every part of the flag has a meaning. The red represents valor, and courage. The white represents purity, and innocence. The blue represents justice, and the stars represent reaching for the stars, and attempting to achieve greatness. The 13 stripes on the flag represent the original 13 colonies that were a part of the American Revolution and the creators of the country. Because the flag represents so much, there are many rules and procedures that must be
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