American Flag Stands For Tolerance Analysis

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An American politician Barbara Jordan has once said,“ We,as human beings, must be willing to accept people who are different from ourselves.” Jordan’s word shows people shouldn’t treat the other differently because they are not like you. .Allen the writer of “American Flag Stands for Tolerance” writes about how people had no right to judge what the “other” is doing or thinking of the meaning of our flag.Sometimes we just need to be blind about what the other is doing or thinking. Lynda Barry the author of “Sanctuary” had shown how the society is acting blindly to what thing is happening in the school.Both texts “Sanctuary” and “American Flag Stands for Tolerance” show’s how standing up for what you believe can make you an outsider to society. Through Barry’s text “Sanctuary” it show’s how she stands up for her believe and goes against the society.In the text Barry had used it’s personal diary to make a connection to the society.When Barry says”We were children with the sound turned off ”(Paragraph 10) it show the silence and the loneliness that Barry felt as a child.When she says,”We are told in a thousand ways that not only are public schools not important , but the…show more content…
In the writing Allen had use a tone of general public to show that flag burning is something legal because of what flag stand for.When Allen says, “ The flag stands for free expression of ideas no matter how distasteful”(65-66)we are the people of America, under the flag we have the right to to speech, to think and to act the way we wanted to. when he says, “Let the controversy rage”(83-84) it let the people know that flag burning is just a simple case and a sample thing. it is just like you prank a stranger at the park. Allen is using simple and clear words to tell the community that we all have the right to speak; no matter who you are and what you are
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