American Food Culture

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For decades, the fast food industry has occupied a monstrous portion of American society’s diet; weaving its thread of convenience into the tapestry of American culture, creating patterns that resemble a cheap and substandard tradition. America is so accustomed to this routine that society has become oblivious to fast food’s effects on the development of our culture. While the industry has transformed this nation, it has also deliberately changed the cultures of other nations as well by plaguing them with America fast food franchises. This is widely known “Americanizing”, which is placed American fast food restaurants around other countries in hopes to transition their culture to resemble America’s. Although fast food restaurants possess a beneficial convenience and rapid delivery of food, Americanizing countries outside the US has dramatically impacted various cultures and granted them to achieve America’s level of corruption.
Starting at the root of the issue, being that fast food industries began in America have spread franchises globally and affected these nation’s cultures gravely. After World War I, with the construction of White Castle (Wilson). Since then, the whole structure of American culture and landscape has been built on the foundation holding up these businesses which has begun to show up in various cultures. In the novel, Fast Food Nation written by Eric Schlosser, a interviewed farmer by the name of Carl Karcher, who eventually is the founder of Carl jr.
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