American Football Narrative

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Puerto Rico had just set the ball, it was perfect; the outside went up to hit and she crushed it. I hoped it would land out. When I heard the cheering from my team, I knew it landed out, and a little part of me just left. My team had won the first point of the second game.
I was back to serve. I wasn’t as nervous as most times going back, but I definitely was pumped. As I hit the ball I knew it was going to be good, and so I ran up to the ten-foot line, base position and waited to see if Puerto Rico was going to send a free ball or hit over the net. It was a freeball. My team was not the strongest passing team, so I was glad that it was only a free ball. I was given a perfect pass and I went to set the ball and I went for the outside, Lauren Ferge was set the ball and she hit it over the net and we scored a kill. This game wasn’t going to be easy.
The score was 14-17 MVP Black was down by three, but had the serve. Maddie Schmidt the libero was back to serve and she had nice floater over the net. The back row was filled with a libero a bigger girl and a quick little demon. Since Maddie had served it to the bigger girl, she didn’t want to move and so we won the point with an ace, yes. We were catching up to Puerto Rico and Maddie was back to serve again; I was really hoping she would get another ace. However, she can’t exactly spot serve or serve to
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I was back to serve and the score was 18-18, it was all tied up. I got ace off of my jump float. I kept getting aces and by the time it was 24-18, I was still back to serve and the pressure was on me; I didn’t want to miss, but I knew if I did it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I made it over and they returned it and I went up to set the outside. When Lauren got the kill I jumped off my feet we had one the second game and we were so pumped I had a pretty good feeling we were going to
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