American Frugal Housewife Summary

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As the United States became more industrialized, the understanding of freedoms began to change. New systems of transportation began to emerge that allowed people to be able to travel quicker, a new economy emerged, and participation in the democratic system grew. Socially and politically the nation altered its concept of freedom, but select groups were still left out. At the turn of the 19th century transportation was being revolutionized as the United States became dedicated to improving transportation. Some forms of transportation that emerged were the steamboats, railroads, turnpikes, and canals. The government sponsored the construction of the railroads by supplying companies with land grants to build them. In the document Baltimore…show more content…
As a result there is a large gap between rich and poor, with the top 1% holding most of the wealth. With many Americans in poverty, The American Frugal Housewife, was written in order to explain how to endure poverty. The author stresses that a religious, thorough education is the best defense against misfortune. People were unhappy about the new society the market had created, which bred selfishness and made a fast paced society that was hard to keep up with. This was taking away from family life, and placed focus on being rich and having material possessions. Early on in American history, elections and voting were usually done only by the elite in society. This was changed when Andrew Jackson came and created the Age of Democracy. He got the common man into politics by holding debates, parades, and rallies. He also created the political primary, in which the common man could choose the candidates they wanted to have run for office. Andrew Jackson became president on the idea that he would champion the little guy. With increased transportation a domino effect seemed to take place in the country. Increased transportation led to a new market, which in turn led to changes in the democratic system that incorporated the little guy. America was beginning to start a fast paced way of life that left people behind if they did not
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