American Gender Roles In The Victorian Era

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American Victorianism presented and socially encouraged specific rules of etiquette as well as new ways of thinking. In several aspects of Victorianism perceptions of equality, the roles of men and women, separately as well as in correlation to one another have been explicitly defined. These changes within traditional American gender roles in the 1800’s have laid out the foundations to today’s positions of men and women in society.
As previously mentioned, etiquette was strictly measured in the Victorian era by a plethora of roles. A prominent factor in the writing of these guidelines was religion and a personal connection with God. Keeping track of moral autonomy was expected from all members of society of any socio-economic standing in order to be at peace with their spiritual self. Sprouted by the great awakening, the idea of conducting one’s faith through moral actions became stronger, especially the reading and reflecting upon religious scriptures. Not only was religion used as a means for guiding thoughts and actions, but behavior as well, specifically men towards women and women towards men as well. The role of man was to be
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During the 19th century the woman was to become a “Queen of virtues”. The “Queen of virtues” stigma is based on the religious as well as educational ideas imposed on them. The woman was to be pure and child-hearted in the eyes of God, the religious aspiration of her male counterpart. She was “meant” to be the pinnacle of religious devotion. Women were meant to embody devotion to God through their kindness and clean conscience; they were to be pure of heart and the example of finding happiness in the heart of the Lord. Unfortunately this stigma still plays a role in society, even though women are allowed a far greater religious

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