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Neil Gaiman’s, American Gods, main purpose is to show that mythology is not a belief system that is related to unsophisticated cultures. In this novel the same questions, wants and beliefs that gave life to Odin, and all the other gods, are still found in society which causes people to worship material things the same way the older gods were worshipped. Just as people gave life to gods that control the forces of nature, modern people in the novel gave this power of worship to technology, which is personified in the form of Technical Boy and Media. By doing this, Gaiman shows the mythical side in American culture. Ultimately, Shadows road trip becomes a journey that explores the super natural. While the reader experiences this journey along…show more content…
Wednesday goes to meet Easter and they discuss how many people know what Easter means. In this piece, the reader can see that Easter is simply ok with people worshipping her, she does not need them to know why or to believe in her she just wants the attention. What Mr. Wednesday tries to explain to her is that empty belief is not as fulfilling as actual belief, “Shall we go out on to the street Easter my dear, and reapeat the exercise?... Eoster of the dawn?” (Gaiman 275). As depicted in the novel, as the gods deal with the rise of modern day American culture, they do not have many options when it comes to fitting in and adapting to the new ways of life. For Easter, she must be content with the little worship that she receives that comes in the form of Christian Easter, which completely ignores her identity. However, compared to all the others, Easter is seemingly doing relatively well, but what Mr. Wednesday tries to point out to her is that although she is being celebrated it is not for her. Her holiday is being undermined for the Christian or the popular part of the holiday instead of Eostre’s life giving powers. This is what forces Easter to accept her dying worship. As American culture beliefs change, the Gods must adapt to becoming less and less relevant in society, which is what Gaiman demonstrates with Easter. He is trying to tell show that belief is so powerful its can undermine a complete holiday and turn it into something completely different. He is showing the reader that human belief is powerful and that it may even be more powerful than the actual belief its self. Human belief is what gives life and meaning to these holidays or gods and not the other way

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