Disney Industry Investigation

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Industry Investigation As of right now, I am investigating the industry of marketing design and directing. I am not fully confident that this is the industry that I will want to pursue, but am considering. Marketing design and directing means that I would have the skills of a designer, but also able to apply those with marketing skills and become a visual marketing director. One industry that I am very interested in is American Greetings (corporate.americangreetings.com). I will be taking many steps to gain more knowledge about this industry and company. First, I will research the company online. This will help me fully know what skills and expectations this company expects. Second, I will look up what positions this company offers in their…show more content…
The Walt Disney Company does not have student memberships, but does offer student internship programs (jobs.disneycareers.com & dcpi.disney.com). The only jobs associated with Walt Disney in either Michigan, or Ohio are at Disney Stores. These jobs are not similar to the industry I am researching. Walt Disney has many Disney positions all over the United States. However, the closest creative marketing director position is located in Burbank, California. The leading company nationally for marketing design is Pentagram. Pentagram is the leading company in this industry because it has finessed a democratic, multifaceted approach to partnership. Other design businesses have limited themselves to one direct owner, or shared partnerships. Pentagram is also a leading organization in its industry because it allows partners to work collaboratively and as individual artists. Personally, I think it would be an honor to work for such an internationally popular company like Pentagram. It would be a lot of responsibility to take on as a creative director. However, I would still love to do…show more content…
Herdmark Media creates engaging content design about the topic of agriculture. I am not able to find how many years of experience are needed for this position, but I assume that a lot of experience and knowledge is needed in multiple areas of visual communication just by looking at the job description. Therefore, three job descriptions are
• Working collaboratively with clients, team members, and the project Director to establish a creative vision and manage the creative process for all Herdmark projects
• Work hand in hand with the Production Lead to ensure all projects are completed effectively and on time.
• Contribute to Field Notes (blog) of the Herdmark Media, Inc.
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