American Hotel Case Study

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DISCUSSION 96 1. Have you ever stayed in Hotel ? Answer : Yes I have , I stay at the hotel It was on vacation 2. Are you comfortable when you stay at a hotel ? Answer : Yes , im comfortable stay at a hotel 3. Have you ever had a problem at a hotel ? What Happened? Answer : According to my experience at the hotel, the problem I face is the ac that is less cold so I feel less comfortable DISCUSSION 103 1. Have you ever been in an American hotel ? Describe it. Answer : Yes, I have never stayed in Sheraton Bandara Hotel , Sheraton hotel is located very strategically near the international airport soekarno hatta with well maintained environment, as well as sheraton hotel is one of the hotels that become foreign tourist destination This hotel uses 4 languages namely indonesian language, malay language, chinese language, english, spanish language 2. How are American hotels different from hotels in your native country ? I would compare the Sheraton Hotel in Jakarta with the Kopen Hotel in Malang • Service in Sheraton Hotel (Are the bellmen? Can you receive wake-up calls ?) Yes it can be when I ask to be woken up at 4 am because I have to check out using travel and the bellmen woke me up as per my request. • Price - In Sheraton Hotel the price is expensive available from IDR 1960.000/night Double or twin deluxe garden view IDR 1.701.000 Double or twin deluxe lake view IDR 1.862.600 - In Mutiara Hotel • Size of rooms In the sheraton has a large expanse Minimum standard
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