What Are You Comfortable When You Stay At A Hotel

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1. Have you ever stayed in Hotel ?
Answer : Yes I have , I stay at the hotel It was on vacation
2. Are you comfortable when you stay at a hotel ?
Answer : Yes , im comfortable stay at a hotel
3. Have you ever had a problem at a hotel ? What Happened?
Answer : According to my experience at the hotel, the problem I face is the ac that is less cold so I feel less comfortable
1. Have you ever been in an American hotel ? Describe it.
Answer : Yes, I have never stayed in Sheraton Bandara Hotel , Sheraton hotel is located very strategically near the international airport soekarno hatta with well maintained environment, as well as sheraton hotel is one of the hotels that become foreign tourist destination
This hotel
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I love to give gifts because I love to go to a gift shop that sells many funny gifts and I think giving someone a gift is something fun
3. On which occasions (for example, birthdays, weddings, etc) do people usually give gifts to each other in your country
Answer :In my country, I usually see people give gifts to someone at marriage. They often give gifts such as sheets, blankets, or one of the home supplies

1. What are some good small gifts Americans could give to people in your country?
Some small good gifts that people in America could give T-shirts because the T-shirts from America have a good quality cool and comfortable when worn
2. What are some good small gifts that people from your country could give to Americans?
People in my country could gives” Wayang” because are popular with many people abroad. They find satisfaction in watching the puppets and feel that the art of speaking is very interesting and unique.

3. What kind of gifts do you like to receive?
Answer :
The gifts I like to receive are clothe and bag

4. In your country, are gifts often given for business purpose?
Answer :
Yes in my country often give gifts for business purposes. People give gifts for business purposes for forms of cooperation or

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