American Idealism Analysis

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Even though soldiers are heroes and countless people feel superior to minorities, I believe that black people and women should be treated with respect for the reason that black people and women have been treated as lower than other people and American soldiers have been treated like heroes when most of them are scared to be fighting. American Idealism forms the way something should be and how it is perceived. However, the idealism of American thought is not always correct. An individual should strive to come up separate opinions and thoughts on what is right and not conform to popular belief. In the past, we perceived what the views about war, on the treatment of blacks and the treatment of women should be. We are taught that we have a right to fight whomever we want and by going to war we are viewed as heroes. We also feel superior to someone because the majority views them as…show more content…
Even in Catch-22 women were portrayed as objects to have sex with and show no respect for. In the 1950’s woman were expected to take care of the home, their man, and their children and nothing else. The perfect housewife was represented in media and magazines targeted to women. After the Second World War, marriage was the main goal for girls and the perfect life. By the end of the fifties, women began to feel something was missing from their lives. Maya Angelou sums up on how we as woman are tired of being treated as second class citizens and we will rise above all of it in her poem “Still I Rise”. The first few lines of the poem speak volumes about how women are tired of this treatment. “You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies, you may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I’ll rise”. (Angelou, 1-4) It has been an ongoing battle in the fight for equal rights and women have achieved the right to vote and equal pay for equal
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