American Identity And Identity

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America has been established as a country by immigrants, been industrialized by immigrants, and basically has been made by immigrants. These immigrants haven’t just come from England, these immigrants came from all parts of the world like Russia, Mexico, Italy, Ghana, and so on. With all the immigrants coming, cultures, beliefs, clothing, and languages come also. With all these influences and ideas going into the melting pot, there cannot be one particular way in which one looks from America. This is because the American identity is not something shown on the face; rather, different cultures from around the world contribute in the making of the American Identity. Since America is such a diverse place, it is often forgotten that anyone can look a certain way and still be an American. When someone outside of America thinks of one who lives there, the common identity is someone who Caucasian, and they fail to realize that there are a mix of races in America. In Kesaya E. Noda’s experience of growing up in America, “my identity seemed to hurtle toward me and paste itself right to my face,” In other words Noda feels that she was not American based off the way she looked, though she was born in America. Americans all come from a different background and may have accents that are from their ancestors’ homeland. Others have strong genes that make them look like relatives that live back in the country that their parents or grandparents have left. Being such a diverse
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