Nikola Tesla's Immigration

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Title An immigrant is a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.. Today, there are approximately 43.7 million immigrants in the United States today, that makes up 13.5 percent of the entire population(Zong). Some immigrants do more to society than other immigrants. There are many things today that wouldn’t be the same if immigrants did not voyage to The U.S. Immigrants positively impacted the Jobs, music, and entertainment we have today. One immigrant who changed the world in job forever is Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a Croatian-born engineer but moved to America in the year 1884(Nikola Tesla).Tesla first started working for famous engineer Thomas Edison who invented electricity. Tesla however saw some mistakes in Edison's…show more content…
One of the people who changed the industry was Samuel Goldwyn. Goldwyn was born in 1879 in Warsaw Poland. Before his entertainment career in America, Goldwyn world at one of many glove factories in Poland. After working in a glove factory, he came to America and started his entertainment industry. He was most famous for being the co-founder of the Jesse L. Lasky Play company. Over his lifetime he produced many plays, but his most famous one was called Squaw released in the year 1919. When it was finally Goldwyn's time to retire, he was known as a very powerful film produced (Samuel Goldwyn). By the time he died, Goldwyn left a mark on the film industry that has changed the industry…show more content…
Before Chaplin’s entertainment career started, he worked with children helping them improve their dancing. After working with children, he formed the United Artists Film Corporation with Douglas Fairbanks, actress Mary Pickford, and director D.W. Griffith(Chaplin, Charles). Chaplin’s most popular movie was called “The Kid” released in 1921. The movie was about Tramp which Chaplin acted out and was most famous for living on the streets and decides to take care of an abandoned kid(Anderson). It seemed that as Chaplin got into the later years of his life, his career would become better and better. Acting was forever changed by Charles Chaplain for one main reason(Charles Chaplin). That reason was for his famous character,

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