American Imperialism Benefits

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Imperialism drove the world, from the Roman Empire, to America in the early 1900’s. The US imperialized nations to give them peace, gain their natural resources, and protect them. But not all things imperialism are good. When the US imperialized some nations, it limited their ability to govern and protect themselves. But the US has more experience doing so in a modern world, and would ultimately benefit them. The world’s most powerful nations practiced imperialism, and in 1890, the US came to the board. Peace is every nation's goal, no matter what they do, the end of the line is peace. Theodore Roosevelt, Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, stated, “Fundamentally, the cause of expansion is the cause of peace”.(US Intervention in the Philippines)…show more content…
John Hay, A US Secretary, states “The policy of the government of the united states will bring about permanent peace…”. (US Intervention in China) The actions of the US will bring and keep peace to all of it’s allies and colonies. Because of us assistance, China is a global powerhouse today, with a great economy and plenty of trade. Not all nations, however, got only great benefits from American Imperialism. Imperialism was beneficial to many nations, but not to all. Emilio Aguinaldo, a Central Filipino Committee Member, states “What would you do with our 9 million people? Would you permit us to take part in your elections?” (Emilio Aguinaldo’s letter to the American people) When the Philippines declared their independence from America, the US did not recognize it.But the Filipinos could have waited, and eventually become a state, similar to Hawaii, and they would have attained the guaranteed help and protection of the US. After watching the other world powers practice imperialism, the US began its quest for colonies. The US was a great help to the other nations it imperialized, providing peace and defense, among other things, to them. US Imperialism might not have been positive for everyone, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. If the US hadn’t imperialised, the world would have different nations, and the US might not have become the power it is
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