American Imperialism In Africa In The 1800's

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Beginning in the mid 1800’s, the scramble for Africa proved to be one of the most important events in World History. The term “scramble for Africa” describes the rush and uttermost important desire that European countries had to imperialize the countries in Africa. Imperialism is the dominance of a stronger country over a smaller one politically and economically. Stronger countries imperialize weaker countries in order to gain new resources and acquire a better trade system. The Europeans desire to imperialize Africa was driven by their perception of god, gold, and glory. The imperialism in Africa was triggered due to the abundance of natural resources discovered in Africa, the Europeans desire to spread their culture that they believed was…show more content…
Africa had an abundance of natural resources at this time and was easy to imperialize as it was not industrialized meaning that it lacked proper weaponry in order to defend itself. The European imperialism of Africa was fueled by the industrialism and market force in the 1800’s as the Europeans gained the motivation and tools necessary to imperialize Africa so they would not have to worry about whether or not Africa would let it set up spheres of influence. . Spheres of influence were areas in Africa that in which Europeans controlled the resources and trade in the area. The motivation to imperialize Africa for the Europeans was that the nation with the most raw materials would become the most industrialized and therefore, the most powerful. The industrial revolution also provided the Europeans with far more advanced weaponry over the Africans as new and improved weapons were easier and cheaper for Europeans to manufacture. The new weapons created by the Europeans only left them with the worry of who will conquer the land in Africa, nut will they be able to. Due to their desire for natural resources and advanced weaponry, the Europeans were able to conquer Africa without any trouble from the
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