American Imperialism In The Late 1800s And Early 1900's

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In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s America started expanding abroad to try and enlarge our borders. However this expansion ended up creating more problems for the US. In the end America lost more than they gained all due to American imperialism. Imperialism is when a bigger nation takes over a smaller or weaker nation. When America did this they thought it would make them stronger but it ended up making then weaker and causing them to lose the allies they once had before they imperialized the smaller nations that once trusted them. First, America annexes Hawaii. They did this so they could build good naval bases and they wanted to protect the sugar planters in that area. An added bonus was that America got a stop in the journey across the pacific. Next they bought Alaska from Russia because they wanted to stop the expansion of trade and Alaska’s land was also rich in natural resources. America also took over Japan and China. …show more content…

One of those people being Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln said that our nation is not just about our great army or our forts but it’s about liberty for all people,everywhere not just here in America and by expanding America lost thought of that. He also said that the people who take away freedom from others don’t deserve the freedom they have. Secondly, the US didn’t want any different cultures or language other than our language and culture however, they got Hawaii,Alaska,China and Japan which all ahve differnt languages and cultures. Lastly, by expanding they broke the trust of some of the nations and drained them of their liberty and freedom that Americans claim is what the US is all about. After American’s expansion, Americans started realizing that the imperialism was wrong and eventually half of the smaller nations got the freedom back. America since then has been a safe place for people to have

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