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American Indian Center Jim Knutson-Kolodzne is an Anishannabe and was raised W.G.C. in Jefferson, Wisconsin. He is an enrolled member of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, director of the American Indian Center at St. Cloud State University and he also teaches psychology of racism classes. He talked about American Indians in Minnesota and how there are 864 American Indian tribes and it is impossible for someone to know everything about every tribe. In the early 1990’s St. Cloud State University community members became concerned about “meeting the unique needs of the American Indian students attending St. Cloud State University. Indian programming had become a component of the Minority Student Programs. Through the efforts of an advisory…show more content…
The American Indian Center also provides retention lunches about every month, they do this in hopes of bringing “together new and familiar faces, and develop a sense of community among our native participants. We eat together, share stories and get to know our fellow colleagues” (AIC website). The American Indian Center also provides services to American Indian students such as: discussion and assistance in the admission process, personal concern, housing, academic concerns, and financial aid. They can also provide referrals to appropriate St. Cloud State University agencies, Native Leadership Retreat, services to Indian student organizations, social activities, Student Retention Gathering, American Indian Resource Center, computer lab and a quiet place to study. The main purpose of the American Indian Center is to “respond to the self-defined educational needs and goals of the current American Indian student. To this end, the American Indian Center, utilizing both internal and external resources, empowers indigenous people through quality educational programming. Additionally, the center 's outreach activities promote awareness, better understanding, and sensitivity to American Indian…show more content…
Like I mentioned above, I was taught very little about American Indians. My brother is currently attending the same elementary school that I did, I often check in on him and to see what he is learning in school. The last time I asked him about who discovered America, he told me that Christopher Columbus did, so not much has changed at least at my old elementary school. I find it especially important for my brother to learn about American Indian culture and their history, since my family recently found out we have so Indian blood. It is also important for children to be taught the correct version of history, I never knew much about American Indians until coming to St. Cloud State University and taking human relations

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